Market Applications

Medical Image

- Medical instrumentation and analysis equipment. 

- Life monitor. - Ultrasound. 

- Endoscope. 

- KOHKIN film for inhibiting bacteria. 

- Pharmacy instrument screen. 

- Laboratory test and analysis devices.

Automate Retail & Vending

- Vending machines display. 

- POS display solution. 

- Drive through monitor. 

- Electronic payment machine. 

- Store & restaurant ordering system.

Health Care

- Iron cell cleanser. 

- Programmable massage chair console. 

- Health care machine control model.

- Bedside monitor. 

- Health information signage. 

- Health management display solution. 


We provide long life cycle, reliable and flexible industrial display solution that can used in: 

- Factory automation. 

- HMI device. 

- Process control system. 


Fitness Machine Console

- Treadmills console. 

- Ellipticals machine console. 

- Exercise bikes console and control. 

- Touch fitness central data monitor. 

- IOT interactive personal display.

Automotive & train service 

We provide long availability and reliability solution for public transportation system. 

 Bar type information Display. 

- Driver control console Assembly. 

- Ticketing Kiosk display. 

- Ticketing gates display for MRT service. 

- Golf car display console. 

- Agriculture machinery display console. 


Our display and touch control Solutions are widely used for gaming applications. 

- Video lottery terminal display. 

- Slot machines display. 

- Pachinko machines. 

- Bingo machines…etc.

 Heavy Duty Application

- Oil industrial control console. 

- Display monitor for marine application. 

- Security image monitor solution. 

- Long distance image transmission solution.


Parking System & Car Wash System Display Solution for 

- Parking lot auto payment system. 

- Battery exchange station display module. 

- Battery charging post display module. 

- Car wash control system. 

- Remote control display solution.

Public Service  

- Elevator screen, display signage. 

- Public information kiosk. 

- Facial recognize system screen. 

- Signage screen solution.

Sunlight Readable

We provide solution for Anti-Reflection, Transflective or Hight-brightness application in outdoor or semi-outdoor environment.

Customization & Integration

We collaborate with our customer according to their needs and requirements, design and produce customized. 

- Housing. 

- Electronic specification and function. 

- Software and hardware. - Wirty hardness. 

- OEM or ODM production…etc.